Mru Patel

A best-selling Author, having lived and worked in 4 continents, with skills and experience in IT, sales and marketing as a visionary to a fearless serial entrepreneur, public speaker and motivator. Mru has spoken at 100s of venues ranging from TEDx to World Political events as an Internationally recognised Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years in several sectors including Pubic sector, Technology, Finance, Property investments and development. He is a proud leader and visionary for open source movement with Sun Microsystems in the 1990s. Mru has consulted, worked with or worked for world renowned Fortune 500 companies. He has over 20 years of experience with several Blue Chip organizations such as IBM, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Siemens, as well as founding companies and investment funds in a variety of different industries. He has successfully won and managed several accounts worth over $3B, specifically in the Public Sector and technology markets. Mru is unique in his breadth and depth of experience with a passion in Property & wealth creation for investors. Having found and exited 2 Funds in Europe and with 30+ yrs of Property Investment experience, he gets a special kick out of showing great returns, like his property fund in 2004 in eastern Europe with an exit of 250% within 30 months. Having self-made and lost millions during 2 crisis’ he has a unique story and lessons in all aspects of life, having risen from the Ashes like a Phoenix, wiser, braver and with extremely great connections including investing in cryptocurrencies and various listed ISAs and Pension funds helping friends and family too. It is that experience as well as frustration that drove him to start this Blockchain based ecosystem, to disrupt the Property and wealth creation market by removing most of the middlemen that have in the past taken advantage of the weak/desperate investors with extremely high charges.

He has personally invested in, developed and portfolio managed projects in Europe, UK, USA & India, and EU emerging markets.

Last book published on Kindle : Fast Track your Business to Success, where the Foreward is written by a NY Times top 10 best selling Author and also featured in the Secret.

Global Speaking events: 100s of notable size and impact in all areas of life and business.

100 + UK and global Public sector events in India, UK (Criminal Justice, Inland Revenue, E Government, Health, Connected Government, PITO/ACPO conference etc, USA (the largest being the ACPO global conference in Florida with 10,000 chief of Police from the world) , Germany etc., Singapore Blockchain, India Economic Times with ministers across the world (late 1990s on E Government). Romania – early 2005-6 as the Anchor speaker with the then President Basescu on helping Romania with foreign direct investments in conjunction with the Romanian and Bucharest chambers of commerce, TEDx, numerous Business Days events, debizz, numerous Real estate events, numerous tech events including helping startup hubs, mentoring, JCI events etc.

Recently booked – public speaking events in Moscow at the world Blockchain Summit with 3,000 people, San Francisco – Blockchain Economic Forum with 2,000 attendees, As a Director of the Mauritius Blockchain Advisory Council speaking at their even, ABC conference in Lisbon in September, WBC roadshow etc. At these events typical attendance fees range from $1,500 – $7,500 for VIPs, and Mru is proud he is invited to speak at such events without having to sponsor the event with flights and accommodation also paid for by the organisers!

“ I am very much an action and results based driven person where everyday can be a weekend or a weekday. As the Inventor of the JFDI (Just F*****g Do IT) method in 1990, in my project management days, should we collaborate, don’t be surprised to be pushed for the better good of all.”


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