Pascal B. van Knijff

Pascal has over 2 decades of experience as a CEO, Digital & New Media Marketing Director, Speaker and Consultant. He’s gained expertise in a wide range of settings and very diverse fields before venturing into the ICO and Blockchain world. He consulted and worked for “Tier 1” brands in Big Data (EDM), Software & Technology (Ifunds, Iraiser, qOne, 3dshowcases), Financial Services, (Do it Yourself) Consumer goods (Frogtape,  Apple), Health & Beauty (CIZ Massage Envy), Leisure, Broadcast Media (CBN), Fashion (Hilfiger, Zambezi Grace), Retail (DollarDaze), Universities (NHL) and Not For Profit (Hydrating Humanity), and many others.  Pascal also served as Director of Digital Marketing a.i. at a Blockchain-related company that has grown a market valuation in excess of US$ 150 million. Pascal is currently consulting as proposition and marketing expert on several Blockchain and Token offerings. Pascal is adept at management, ICO development, marketing, sales, and defining token value propositions.

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