Simo Mcunu

Simo is a leading expert in Blockchain technology; he has pioneered the development of alternative financial instruments in Africa and is a strong finance professional with experience working for top African banks. He has won numerous awards for his innovations in banking and served on the Advisory Board at the world’s most innovative bank. His technical and entrepreneurial experiences give him an unparalleled understanding of the business world and the application of innovative fintech solutions. Currently he is the President of the African Payments Alliance, a group made up of mid and late stage African-focused financial services companies that form an authoritative financial Blockchain consortium in Africa. Simo is also a Director at a UK based World top 100 Blockchain Company and is working on several projects across Africa using Blockchain technology to enable international money transfers to take place instantaneously with zero fees. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Science from a Top 500 world ranking University and an Associate’s Degree from The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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